Evolving public relations and communications marketing through a steady dose of humanity, technology and data



We are humans. We are partners. We listen. We learn. We strive to understand your world and we use data to build and engage with your audiences. Integrated from the start - our programs are designed to deliver your messages - developed from research and insight - where they will be most impactful.

We’ll partner with you at any stage of your brand's growth.  From Series A to IPO, from problem to product and beyond, we’ve got your back.  

We’ve been at the forefront of huge changes in the communications industry over the past 15 years and thus have a clear vision for how the work should be done. Today, we work with clients and partners to identify the challenges and obstacles holding them back, and from there build the blueprints.  

Every challenge is different. Every solution is individual. And every answer has a source. SourceCode.

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Agencies adopt the culture and work ethic of their founders. In us, you have a yin and yang that provides clients with equal parts strategy, creativity and humanity. We know a successful campaign relies on a strong personal relationship in addition to great work. One doesn’t live without the other and we focus diligently on both. We have a combined 25 years of marketing and communications experience and have strong opinions about the right approach. Thus, our counsel will always be focused on what’s best for the business - even if it’s tough to hear. Alongside a team of media, content and digital strategists, we have the the right team assembled to deliver a truly impactful integrated campaign for your brand.


Becky Honeyman

Becky has lived in five countries and fluently speaks four languages. Her global perspective on technology and communications is second to none. She graduated from Oxford and led global campaigns across Europe prior to relocating to New York City. Before launching SourceCode, Becky helped launch and grow Hotwire's US business to more than 60 people in less than five years.

Greg Mondshein

Prior to launching SourceCode, Greg was an integral part of the North American leadership team at Hotwire. Earlier in his career, Greg was a key player in Max Borges Agency's growth into expanded service offerings and geography. Greg received his graduate business degree from the University of Florida, completed an Ironman, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and has now fallen madly in love with his daughters Penelope and Amelia.